We are at IFA 2023

From 1st to 5th, Sep.,the 2023 Berlin International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA 2023) arrived as scheduled, and all Chinese home appliance brands were on display, full of ambitions.

In the post-epidemic era, compared with the fierce domestic stock market, companies are competing for incremental markets in Europe and formulating long-term high-end strategies.

IFA is an important node in developing overseas markets. As one of the three major consumer electronics exhibitions in the world, IFA is a key stage for globalization. At the same time, because IFA is located in Berlin, it has a profound impact on the European market.

At this year's IFA booth, GASNY mainly exhibited ice machines and instant water heaters. This year we are focusing on chewing ice machines.

It can be seen that from ice machine products to water heaters, GASNY is expanding its product matrix and moving towards high-end. "Our clear strategy in the past two years has been to high-end the brand. In the past decade or so, Chinese brands have entered overseas mainly to grab low-end, cost-effective shares, driven by supply chain efficiency. Since 2021, we have entered the second stage, brand value Drive growth," said Jack Tsai.

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Post time: Sep-04-2023

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